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Music for Trees

Developing our environment policy

As an arts organisation, we are acutely aware of the importance of our stage to make a conscious positive contribution to our community, not only through the production of profoundly wonderful live music performance, but also through the support of crucial local and international issues.  Climate change is one of those issues and we want use our voice to contribute to positive climate action.

We are working on our environment policy and have a policy document which we will review annually


A New Partnership



As part of our responsibility as a publicly funded organisation and one which is funded primarily by the Arts Council, we are now developing our climate policy leading with a new partnership we have formed with

Reforest Nation

Their mission is to plant as many trees as possible. They aim to plant certified native trees which have the most impact on carbon sequestration.  Carbon sequestration is the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide.  This helps to either mitigate or defer dangerous climate change.


The cost of a tree to be planted is just under €1.99. They keep the costs down by having planting days where volunteers (many from employees of businesses who have partnerships with them) plant the trees.


Luminosa Music proposes to divert 10% of all new donations to Reforest Nation so that a typical €50 friends member would have 2.5 trees planted in their name, in biodiverse native forests in Ireland.  10% means that 25 trees could be planted for a Gold Membership of €500.


How can you help?

Our Plans

Become a friend or patron of Luminosa and we will divert 10% of your donation to Reforest Nation to plant trees. By becoming a friend or patron, you are empowering us to continue our mission.


Our mission is to give Galway City its first professional permanent orchestra. We want to shine a light on the outstanding musicians who join the Luminosa String Orchestra for distinction in performance, organisation, innovation and community engagement.  Members of our orchestra will reach their full potential in Galway and in an environment of musical excellence, professionalism, integrity, artistic diversity and trust.

By supporting us, you will be supporting climate action and making a positive contribution not only to Galway city and our cultural development but also to the health of our planet.

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