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Commissioning Policy

Luminosa Music has a policy of commissioning contemporary works which prioritise Irish composers and especially those with links to Galway.  We also prioritise and support the work of organisations such as Sounding the Feminists, and in supporting this work we prioritise the commissioning of female composers. 

Composers are chosen by our Artistic Director and through a consultation process with our Artistic Committee.


We seek to perform a diverse range of music at each concert, curated with a link or common thread that joins these seemingly wide-ranging pieces together.  Having a new commission as part of our concert programme supports composers in having new work played, develops the Luminosa orchestra in playing work from living composers; often collaborating with them during rehearsals, and supports the wider musical eco-system which includes the work of the Contemporary Music Centre and organisations to which the composer is affiliated e.g. Universities, colleges, or music centres.  We aim to perform commissioned pieces in further subsequent performances, once they fit the curated programmes.


We aim to integrate pieces by diverse composers of minority backgrounds such as ethnicity, race or gender, into our concert programmes without drawing attention to the minority, rather integrating all composers together on the value of their music and whether it corresponds to the theme we have chosen.

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