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Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy – Orchestra Members


This document outlines Luminosa Music’s policy on recruitment and the audition process.  This was agreed at a board meeting of the Charity Trustees on December 9th 2021 with reference to the artistic committee and an industry-standard approach to recruitment of musicians.

Luminosa Music CLG adheres to the Arts Council policy Paying the Artist.  A copy of this is available on our website.


  • All musicians working with Luminosa are freelance and are not employed by the company. 

  • As of February 2020,  any tutti places will only be offered to those who have been successful at the audition.

  • Further auditions will take place on the basis that we need to fill certain posts for a panel of subs who will be asked in rotation as per our requirements for particular desks.  This will depend on the availability of those tutti members asked first. 

  • The names of those tutti members who are asked first, is at the discretion of the Artistic Director in liaison with section principals, with consideration to sound balance/blending and repertoire and level of expertise.

  • As they arise, all vacancies for the panel of subs will be advertised publicly, for a period of at least 4 weeks, through the website, personal contacts and other media as appropriate. Applications will be invited on a fair and open basis.

  • If the Artistic Committee considers it necessary, a shortlist will be complied to establish who should be auditioned. All shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an audition.

  • We shall only invite soloists or other musicians (not strings) to take part by invitation on a single project basis and where their reputations can be verified by our professional peers.

  • Auditions are in front of a panel of judges a minimum of three, one of whom should be an independent professional peer and with a suitable gender balance within and always including the Artistic Director.

  • The auditions will be held ‘blind’ meaning that the judging panel cannot see the auditionee, only hear them.  This is to ensure the eradication of any type of discrimination whether that be gender, race or any other.

  • All auditionees will have a choice of the same pieces from a list that can be accessed upon publication of the open call. 

  • Upon a successful audition, players will be contacted about upcoming projects.  They will be hired as freelance players on a contract which shall be sent before each project.

  • Expenses shall be negotiated per project depending on the requirements of individual players.

  • Payment will be made as soon as possible after a project has been completed.

  • Copies of our payscale are available on request.

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