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Lucy Hayward O'Leary

Executive Director

I manage production, company operations and fundraising and believe that the creation of a professional orchestra in Galway is culturally significant, timely and a much-needed orchestra for what is Ireland's unofficial Capital of Culture. I co-founded Luminosa to be an exciting, progressive and entrepreneurial organisation that shines a light on world-class talent and performance, whilst also programming a new and diverse music series with an emphasis on Irish composers and contemporary works. I aim to develop the orchestra over the coming years and continue to produce highly enjoyable concerts in Galway and further afield.

I am particularly interested in curating programmes of music that are linked by a narrative or theme which can interest new audiences, particularly those who have not had much experience with classical music. Our music can reach everyone, reaching over boundaries, borders, flags, race, religion and political beliefs. It reaches everyone in a unique way and I am passionate about advocating for wider appreciation of its value in our society.

I believe that Galway deserves its own orchestra in order to develop our music infrastructure in the west of Ireland and give opportunities to musicians living and working here to perform and create. We prioritise Irish composers and composers who are lesser-known, commissioning new Irish music where we can.

Lucy Hayward O'Leary
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