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Our Vision is to give Galway City its first professional permanent orchestra. We want to shine a light on the outstanding musicians who join the Luminosa String Orchestra for distinction in performance, organization, innovation and community engagement.  Members of our orchestra will reach their full potential in Galway and in an environment of musical excellence, integrity, artistic diversity and trust supported by a company with a strong financial acumen, a transparent business ethos and passion for success.  The community will benefit from our forward-thinking and exemplary orchestra and it brings a new element of music education to the City.



We are a collection of Galway based professional musicians with world-class credentials in performance, working to create Galway's first professional orchestra.  At Luminosa Music, we believe in providing the community with a series of the highest calibre performances of New, Contemporary and Classical works that truly make an impact. Our 2020 concert season is in rehearsals now. See Upcoming Events for details. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates and concert dates. See Management and Orchestra Sections for more information.


For Galway

The Luminosa String Orchestra performed a showcase concert to an exclusive V.I.P. audience at the Emily Anderson Concert Hall, NUI Galway, on Monday 26th November 2018.  The event was introduced by our esteemed Board Member Dr Aidan Thomson of NUIG Music. This exclusive event was supported by our business partners Bank of Ireland as our founding patrons who were delighted to support this entrepreneurial arts business.  Luminosa Music is a not-for-profit company.

Proudly funded by Galway City Council
With thanks to our founding patrons Bank of Ireland

From time to time you may see the Luminosa String Orchestra using special chairs. earó is a revolutionary chair designed for musicians. Focused on musician’s well-being, earó allows them to move and play with greater freedom and therefore reduced risk of injury. earó promotes a tall open posture which improves breathing and flexibility while they play. 

Visit www.earochair.com​

"Without music, life would be a mistake"


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