Reviews & Critical Acclaim

“Luminosa received an ovation from the Galway audience. And a venture like this does need to be warmly applauded. A professional orchestra for the west can open up so many other creative avenues: opportunities for musicians and students, a chance for composers to hear their work, new repertoire being introduced to local ears, and thus general audience development for orchestral music.”


“In just two concerts, the group has presented a range of interesting work to full houses and it has shown what is possible with ambition, energy and collaboration. No matter what way you look at it, Luminosa is an exciting prospect.”

Toner Quinn 12th July 2019

Editor, The Journal of Music

“Luminosa played like a new instrument made from freshly cut wood, tensile and vibrant, all movement and grain and potential energy.”


“The poised and elegant Larghetto of Elgar’s suite in particular provided string noises of sumptuous polish.”


“The contrast in this Galway premiere came down to register as much as sea-salt, with some vertiginous virtuosic passages beautifully complementing the fiddle’s darker poitín tones. The same spirit was imbibed by the orchestra in a gloriously propulsive climactic dance and an ecstatic audience response, which promises Luminosa a giddy and glorious future.”



Dr Adrian Paterson  

Lecturer in English, NUI Galway


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